A step further that Tamkeen Bahrain has taken towards creating more opportunities in the Bahraini labour market is its memorandum of understanding (MoU) that was signed by its Chief Executive Dr. Ebrahim Janahi with Bahrain’s Information and eGovernment Authority (iGA)‘s Chief Executive Mohammed Ali Al-Qaed regarding creating a portal specifically for Employability Skills. And it makes life a whole lot easier!

“But what exactly does it do?”

You may question; the answer is quite simple: it acts as a medium between and for three parties: government entities, business owners, as well as job seekers.

It aims to collect data from said government entities and business owners to produce even further data about existing opportunities for job seekers to be aware of; as well as training centers to be able to curate programs that suit those specific opportunities.

Dr. Janahi has stated in relations to the MoU:

“The platform is in line with the directives of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s leaders, who support digital transformation and the use of modern technology in providing databases with strong foundations and standards that will contribute to the future direction of the Kingdom’s labour market. This is in parallel to the continuous modernization of Tamkeen’s operations and internal programs, especially when it comes to the inclusion of specialized professional programs and updating them to suit labour market changes.”

Naturally, such portal would help all respective parties equally in growing the country’s economy.

Government entities and business owners would hire job seekers that are trained and experienced in their required fields.